Private Tutoring and Fees

There are two gifts we should give our children
One is roots and the other is wings.

Private Tutoring
Private tutoring is an excellent way of expanding your child’s knowledge to ensure they have the best opportunities in life, it also sets the precedent for the future of their education this includes going on to school, state and private and the path to attending some of the UK's most prestigious and top universities.

Early years is the best place to start as children’s brain development happens immensely in the first 6 years of their life and they learn at a tremendous speed. The tutoring lessons will build on your child’s concentration levels and cover all 7 areas of the Early years foundation stage working towards and beyond the 17 Early learning goals.

Learning about phonics, letters and sounds and the early stages of blending and segmenting words which supports the development of early reading and writing. Alongside Mathematics sessions which cover early problem solving skills and early stages of maths and maths language.

This will be delivered through fun and stimulating lessons which incorporate children’s individual interests and abilities challenging them to critically think and build on their next steps.

Sessions are based on an hour session broken into segments which includes a range of different methods of teaching and interactive games and working on the basis that children should still be learning through play and a good understanding of children’s concentration levels at this age.

Lots of praise and encouragement fun and laughter is equally part of the experience as this is the best way children learn.




Taster session


1 hour session


5 x 1 hour bundle


10 x 1 hour bundle


Extra half hour


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