Isn’t preschool a little young for tutoring?
Early years tutoring is different to other ages of tutoring as at this age children are still learning through play and highly interactive activities.
Children’s attention span at this age should be taken into account, this is why lessons are broken down into shorter segments and include the child’s interests.
If your child is already in an early years setting, we are building and extending on their learning, we are focusing on school readiness which is hugely important and support for entry into private schools.

Learning through play.. are you not just playing with my child?

Learning through play can be both child and adult initiated, the open ended questions encourage children to critically think and this is what supports the children as they learn. At this age games and interactive activities are the best way for children to learn.

How long will my child need tutoring?
This is entirely up to you, we can advise on what kind of programme your child may need however each case is individual.

Can my child have more than one tutoring session per week?
Each child is individual and this is very much dependant on what other learning opportunities are happening throughout the week. If your child is attending a setting full time then only one session per week would be required. Please get in touch for further information.

What information do you provide to parents on the progress of the tutoring?
At the end of each session you will get some short feedback on what your child has been doing and at the end of each month you will receive an electronic report highlighting your child's progress. This will be in line with the Early years foundation stage. It is our expectation that your child should also have the confidence to talk and discuss what they have been learning in the sessions.

Can you tutor more than one child at a time?
This is possible in some cases, however each case would need to betake into consideration. Please do enquire about this using the contact form or email us directly on Enquiries@Flourishearlyyears.com

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